Accessory Dwelling Units

An accessory dwelling unit (ADU), sometimes called a “second unit” or “in-law unit”, is a cost-effective way to provide another home on your property. ADUs can be detached from or attached to a primary dwelling or can be created by conversion of a garage or existing interior space.

What are Benicia’s ADU rules?

Benicia’s ADU regulations can be found in Municipal Code Section 17.70.060 (Accessory Dwelling Units). These regulations specify maximum size, height, setback, and other development standards. ADUs within the Downtown or Arsenal Historic Districts must follow additional special design standards. The Benicia Municipal Code can be viewed online by clicking here

Considering an ADU? Explore your Options!

Learn more about how to prepare and what to expect in budgeting, designing and constructing your ADU.  Visit the Solano ADU webpage, a project of the Solano County Planning Collaborative: