Directory of City Departments

Keeping in touch with the public is a top priority of the City of Benicia. If you need to contact a branch of the government of the City of Benicia, please call the department or departmental division at the number listed below. There is a single fax number for each department. If you wish to leave a suggestion, comment, or question from this website, you may do so via our Email Contact page.  Go to Benicia's City Service Request System to submit requests for services.
City Manager Office 707-747-8120 (fax)
Mario Giuliani, City Manager 707-746-4200
Sarah Shawky, Deputy City Manager 707-746-4334
Economic Development Division 747-1196 (fax)
Mario Giuliani, City Manager 707-746-4200
Colette Schow, Management Analyst 707-746-4202
City Attorney's Office 707-746-1196  (fax)
Ben Stock, City Attorney 707-746-4216
Administrative Services 707-747-8120 (fax) 
Human Resources Division 707-747-8111 (fax)
Kim Imboden, Human Resources Manager 707-746-4766
Information Technology Division 707-746-4774 (fax)
Fwaak Manzoor, Information Technology Manager 707-746-4714
Bus/Transit Services 707-648-4666
Community Development 707-747-8121 (fax)
Suzanne Thorsen, Community Development Director 707-746-4280
Building Division 707-746-4230
Planning Division     707-746-4320
Building Inspection Requests 707-746-4235
Finance 707-747-8115 (fax)
Jeff Tschudi, Finance Director 707-746-4222
Accounts Payable 707-746-4325
Business License 707-746-4320
Utilities (Water & Wastewater) - Billing 707-746-4225
Utilities (Water & Wastewater) - Service 707-746-4225
Fire Department 707-745-4425 (fax) 
Josh Chadwick, Fire Chief 707-746-4275
Business Calls 707-746-4275
Fire & Life Safety Division, Disaster PreparednessMike Brown, Division Fire Chief 707-746-4275
Training, Todd Matthews, Division Fire Chief 707-746-4275
Plan Review & Fire Inspections 707-746-4275
Community Preservation Officer 707-746-4275
Library 707-746-4343 / 707-747-8122 (fax)
Jennifer Baker, Library Director 707-746-4354
Parks & Community Services 707-747-8118 (fax) 
Mike Dotson, Parks & Community Services Director 707-746-4285
Police Department 707-746-0131  (fax)
Mark Menesini, Interim Police Chief 707-746-4248
Investigations Division     707-745-3412
Patrol Division  707-745-3412
Services Division     707-745-3412
Public Works 707-747-1637 (fax) 
Danielle Bonham, Interim Public Works Director 707-746-4240
Maintenance Division 707-746-4296
Engineering 707-746-4240
Water Treatment 707-746-4394
Wastewater Treatment 707-746-4336


Elected Officials

Benicia City Council
Benicia City Hall, 250 East L Street
Benicia, CA 94510
(707) 746-4200
Meets first and third Tuesdays

City Clerk

Lisa Wolfe 

(707) 746-4200

City Treasurer 

Ken Paulk 

(707) 746-4213

Solano County Board of Supervisors
675 Texas St, Suite 6500
Fairfield, CA 94533
(707) 784-6100
Meets first, second and fourth Tuesday