Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement Mission Statement: To work in partnership with the community to promote a safe and desirable living and working environment through enforcement of codes, regulations, ordinances, and laws including the Benicia Municipal Code.​ 

The City's Code Enforcement Division works out of the Fire Department. Although code enforcement is a part of the Fire Department, it works closely with almost every other City of Benicia department. More importantly, code enforcement works in partnership with the residents of Benicia. Several studies have shown that a good compliance program promotes increased land values, safer neighborhoods, and elevated community pride.​ ​

The code enforcement process is typically initiated by responding to citizen complaints. The issue is then documented and investigated to determine whether or not a violation exists. If a violation is verified, code enforcement staff attempts to gain voluntary compliance through education. When voluntary compliance is not achievable, code enforcement staff will use tools such as courtesy notices, written warnings, administrative citations, public hearings, or abatements.​

In 2021, the City of Benicia implemented new Code Enforcement reporting and tracking software. Residents may now open a code enforcement case online and upload pictures and information about the case directly into the system. Upon completion, that information is electronically routed to code enforcement for action. 

To report a code compliance violation, click the big, yellow button on this page labeled "Report a Code Compliance Violation." 



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