We offer a selection of Punch Card Classes and classes with a registration. Our morning punch card/drop-in classes are very popular.  The schedule is noted below and does not change.  Scroll below the morning fitness schedule for the additional classes we offer that are not part of the punch card schedule.


No class on following dates due to instructor absence, or facility closure:

Amy (Yoga): 5/24, 5/27, 6/12-6/19, 7/12, 7/15, 8/4, 8/5
Jo : 6/4

Melanie : 6/24, 6/26


Classes are not offered on holiday closures. 

(schedule is above - click on schedule to enlarge for viewing). Registration not required for these classes.



Learn the skills of movement that improve how you feel and function. If your workouts (or daily movements or lack thereof) aren’t leaving you feeling better, and more able to move with less pain, you need this training! Learn how to care for your joint health and mobility with targeted muscle contractions and stretches that improve both strength & flexibility in a fuller range of motion. You’ll also get emails with videos showing you how to do the exercises on your own. Turn this into improved, coordinated movements such as squats, lunges, balance with movement, and shoulder, back, and core coordination. Beginner level is for those who struggle to balance on one foot, experience frequent nagging joints, and are unsure how to do strength building exercises properly. Intermediate level is for those who have some ability with one leg balance and strength based exercises, but want to improve for better management. 
Spring Sessions & Registration: - Beginner   Intermediate


Hatha is an easy to moderate pace class. Starting off with basic breath work (pranayama) and moving into a well rounded class of postures designed to lightly awaken the body. Finishing with a brief meditation and a rejuvenating rest (savasana). Each session will include 8 classes. 

Spring Sessions & Registration: ONLINE
ummer Sessions & Registration: ONLINE

Meditate in motion, have fun, and relax!  T’ai Chi calms your mind and develops physical flexibility. This exercise is a low impact, beneficial series of movements performed in a slow, focused manner, accompanied by deep breathing.  T'ai Chi is known to improve balance, flexibility, muscle strength, and mood, as well as reduce pain. About the Instructor:  Earl has studied and practiced T’ai Chi for 40 yrs and taught T’ai Chi since 1993. 

Spring Sessions & Registration: Beginning   Intermediate/Advanced
Summer Sessions & Registration: JUNE    JULY    AUGUST 

Feel stable and empowered. Balance Training Class for adults is ideal for those looking for strength and stability. Each class will include sitting and standing exercise. We will go over movement working, general balance, core stability breathing technique to enhance daily living. Staying active participating in a variety of exercises helps reduce monotony and improve your overall health. Please wear closed toe shoes, loose clothes to move easily and a water bottle.

Spring Sessions & Registration:  ONLINE 
Summer Sessions & Registration:

Conscious Connected Breathwork harnesses our innate power of breathing to clear stress and anxiety, increase energy and immunity, raise confidence and focus, and promote deeper sleep and relaxation. Class breakdown is as follows: 10 minutes of introduction and instruction, 25 minutes of active Conscious Connected (circular) Breathing, 15 minutes of integration/rest, and 10 minutes of Q&A. All breathing will be done laying on the ground and music will accompany the guided sessions. *Bring yoga mat and water bottle. (optional – blanket and eye mask).
Spring Sessions & Registration: ONLINE
Summer Sessions & Registration: ONLINE