Emergency Operations Plan


The City of Benicia Emergency Operation Plan (EOP) establishes an emergency management organization and assigns functions and tasks consistent with California's Standardized Emergency Management System (SEMS) and the National Incident Management System (NIMS).  The EOP sets guidelines as to how the City will respond to major incidents.  The EOP is not intended to address every possible scenario but instead is intended to address major incidents in general.

In 2019 the City completed an update to its EOP.  The EOP addresses the City’s planned response to extraordinary emergency situations associated with natural, technological and human caused emergencies or disasters within or affecting the City of Benicia. This plan is the principal guide to the City’s response to, management of, and recovery from, real or potential emergencies and disasters occurring within its designated geographic boundaries.

The EOP addresses the City's response to disasters.  The types of potential for disasters, hazards that exist, and how the City works to mitigate impacts from those hazards is addressed in the Local Hazard Mitigation Plan (LHMP).  Though the EOP and LHMP relate to each other, they each have specific purposes.

Questions/Comments related to the EOP can be sent to emergencyoperations@ci.benicia.ca.us

Final EOP & Annexes (Updated 2019):

 Volume 1 - Base Plan

 Volume 2 - Emergency Operations Center Guidance

 Annex - Evacuation

 Annex - Mass Care & Shelter

 Annex - Public Information

 Annex - Dam Failure

 Annex - Wildfire Smoke & Air Quality


Project Overview
The table below outlines key information throughout the 2018/2019 EOP update and public review process.





 Public Review of Draft EOP and Comment Period

  Volume 1 - Basic Plan

  Volume 2 - Emergency Operations Center Guidance

  Annex - Dam Failure (Draft) with maps

  Annex - Evacuation

  Annex - Mass Care & Shelter

  Annex - Public Information  

Jan - Feb 2019


 Online Town-Hall Survey

 Jan 1 - Mar 1, 2019

 City Staff & Public

 Additional public outreach

 Jan - Feb 2019

 City Staff



  Public & Community Group Meeting

  2/28 Community Meeting PowerPoint Presentation

  Stakeholder Meeting (Internal)

 Feb 28, 2019


 Feb 2019

 City Staff

 Draft Plan updated to include comments from public

 Mar 2019

 City Council

 Approve Draft EOP

 Apr 2019


Community Groups include:

Benicia CERT, Benicia Amateur Radio Club (BARC), Benicia Fire Volunteers, Benicians for  a Safe & Healthy Community, Carquinez Village, Rancho Benicia, Community Sustainability Commission, Valero Community Advisory Panel (CAP)

Internal Stakeholders include:

BUSD, Valero, CHP, PG&E, Solano OES, Benicia Housing Authority, Amports, Chamber of Commerce, BIPA, Solano Transportation Authority (STA), CalTrans, Union Pacific Railroad, Solano County Water Agency, Benicia Harbor Corporation, American Red Cross