Drop In Sports @ City Gym

We offer drop-in sports at the City Gym Tuesday - Friday on a weekly basis. 

  • Players of any playing ability are welcome.
  • Players should bring their own equipment and balls.
  • All gym rules will be enforced during Drop In play.
  • ID is required for adults to show proof of residency.
  • Please see the GYM SCHEDULE for an up-to-date schedule of programs.  The gym is closed on City holidays.  On occasion drop-in programs will be cancelled or rescheduled to allow for other City programs or maintenance. Schedule is subject to change. Please check the gym calendar for adjusted time during youth basketball season - Jan/Feb
  • Payment is due at the time of entry (please bring exact change). 
      • Drop in fees: $4 resident/$5 non-resident;  $2 youth under 18, during youth specific programs, or as noted


The City Gym is set up with two nets for maximum play.  Open gym is available for adults ages 18+.  

•  Mondays, 6-9pm - ONLY WHEN LEAGUE IS NOT IN SESSION.  See gym calendar

•  Tuesdays, 6-9pm (2 courts) 

[scheduled time will change during youth basketball season: Jan/Feb - please check GYM CALENDAR for accurate schedule].


Drop in play is available at the City Gym (180 East L) and at the Benicia Community Center (370 East L).  We offer multiple opportunities for indoor drop in pickleball.  For days/times, view the current calendar

Pickleball Instruction:  The second Monday of each month we will offer an introduction to, and instruction on how to play the game of pickleball at the Benicia Community Center.  We encourage you to arrive at 2:45pm to have the opportunity to see the game in play, and then instruction will begin at 3pm.  Instruction is free; entry fee is required.


We offer two nights of open gym, drop-in basketball. 
Players will need to create their own teams, ensuring that all in attendance get equal play time. Teams will not created by the Facility Attendant. This is a great night to attend open gym if you want a little hoop time, want to play some friendly, and less competitive games, or just to get a little exercise on the court. Photo ID is required for access to open gym and for proof of residency to get resident rate. No full court available - short court/half-court format ONLY.  It is recommended that you bring both a white and colored shirt to open gym, to help distinguish teams during play. 

•  Thursdays; 6-9pm (2 short/half courts) - age 18+

[Scheduled time will change during youth basketball season: Jan/Feb - please check GYM CALENDAR for accurate schedule].

•  Fridays; 6-9pm (2 short/half courts) - For individuals age 35+.  

[Scheduled time will change during youth basketball season: Jan/Feb - please check GYM CALENDAR for accurate schedule].


Throughout the year we offer opportunities to kids in the community to use City Gym for drop-in, open recreation basketball. This is great time for kids to practice their ball handling skills.  Parents are welcome to join their players during this time frame to enjoy a little time at the hoop together.  [Please check the gym calendar for adjusted time during youth basketball season - Jan/Feb] - YOUTH DROP IN MAY NOT BE USED FOR TEAM PRACTICE). Entry fee is $2 per youth participant.

•  Fridays, 3:30-5:30pm
•  Saturdays:  11:30am-1pm  

    • 12 & Under - Court 1
    • 13-17 Teen - Court 2
    • Younger players may play up to a higher aged court, but may not play down.  Court separate will be enforced.


Open Gym Badminton is open to players of all ages and abilities (under 12 must be accompanied by adult).  Youth players pay $1; all others pay normal drop in fees

•  Wednesdays, 6-7:30pm 

•  Saturdays, 6-9pm 

[Scheduled time will change during youth basketball season: Jan/Feb - please check GYM CALENDAR for accurate schedule].  If you have a racket, we encourage you to bring it.  If you don't...we will have some loaners available for check-out.  Birdies will be available for use on site as well.  This is a great opportunity to grab your friends and family and spend some time having fun at the City Gym!  


  1. If all courts are full, a minimum of 2 players per team is required.
  2. Singles games can be played only if there are empty courts in the gym.
  3. Each court will have a sign in sheet to hold your place in line for the next available game.  
  4. Games will be played to 15 points, rally scoring.
  5. First team to 15 wins; team is not required to win by 2 points.
  6. Winner is permitted to stay on the court for additional game against new opponent.
  7. Maximum number of consecutive games by any team/player is 2.
  8. All players, regardless of ability, are invited to play on any court.
  9. Cross off names on court sign in sheet once a team has had their turn to be on court.