City of Benicia Media Update for 05/10/22

Last night at the Benicia Water Treatment Plant, crews located the major underground leak in the backwash system as shown in this photo. The broken pipe is in a very difficult location; there are many other pipes in the area and electrical conduit. Today, crews are repairing this section of the pipe.

The next step is to test the entire system for additional leaks. If no other leaks are found, the crew will begin the process to remove all temporary equipment and continue to test water quality to ensure Benicia’s drinking water system is protected.

We aren’t done yet but we’re making significant progress. Thank you to our residents and businesses for your flexibility and important water conservation efforts during this difficult time. Significant water has been saved, affording crews the time needed to locate and begin repairs, while still providing safe drinking water. Look for an update tomorrow on progress made today.

We will lift the conservation mandate as soon as possible. In the meantime, the 30% water conservation mandate remains in effect.