PG&E's Announced Public Safety Power Shuttoff Event Not Likely in Benicia

The City of Benicia has been notified that a PG&E Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) event in Benicia is possible, but NOT LIKELY.


PG&E has notified agencies in 39 California counties that a Public Safety Power Shutoff event has been announced for the next 24 to 36 hours. Low humidity, dry north winds, and very low fuel moistures are predicted for our region during this period. As a result, a Fire Weather Warning has been issued for portions of north/east Solano County beginning Tuesday, continuing through Thursday.


As an overwhelming number of PG&E’s customers may be impacted, PG&Es website may experience connectivity issues due to the high volume of web traffic. Solano County Office of Emergency Services will be using the system to update Solano County residents during this PSPS event. Sign up with Alert Solano for information that directly impacts Solano County residents such as information on Customer Resource Centers (CRCs) for cell phone charging during day-time hours.


Although a PSPS event is unlikely in Benicia, we urge all residents to be prepared to survive up to 7 days during an emergency or disaster. An emergency survival kit should be available in every household. To learn how to be prepared for these potential long-term incidents, visit As practice for future PG&E PSPS events that may impact Benicia, residents are encouraged to have a full tank of gas, a charged cell phone and cash on hand, which are things we may not think about until we lose power for an extended period.


PG&E has published a map indicating the areas most likely to experience PSPSs during this time at…/wildfires/ This map indicates the local areas that PG&E has planned to initiate the power shut downs. For up-to-date information on PG&Es PSPS events, go to