City of Benicia Media Update for 04/11/22

Today, Valero and Amports are conducting engineering assessments and creating reports for submittal to the US Coast Guard, California State Lands Commission and the City of Benicia for review and approval. The hope is that Valero and Amports are able to submit the reports by end of day, but that timeline is not certain. Once the reports are approved, operations can begin again for vehicle and crude unloading. The terminal for petcoke is out of commission. Please note that there are multiple terminals on the dock and it was the terminal for petcoke that was damaged during the fire.


Also today, there was a joint command meeting this morning led by the US Coast Guard, which included attendees from City of Benicia, Valero, Amports, State Lands, and California Fish & Wildlife.


The Dutra Group is still on site picking up debris and there is still a 1,300-foot boom in the water to contain debris. 


California Fish & Wildlife has not identified any harm to fish or habitat. 


The City of Benicia, Valero, and Amports have scheduled bi-weekly meetings to coordinate port assessments, process, permitting, demolition and reconstruction.


Moving forward, the City of Benicia will provide an update when we receive confirmation that the dock and respective terminals that receive crude and vehicles have been cleared to renew operations.