Community Notification: 2/24/24 Benicia Valero Refinery Incident Update 3

Clean up operations for the February 24, 2024 Valero Refinery product spill on a tank lid have concluded and the odor in the area has fully dissipated.

According to the Benicia Hazardous Materials Incident Notification Policy which is memorialized in the Benicia – Valero Cooperation Agreement, the February 24, 2024, odor incident at the Valero Refinery reached the threshold for a Level-3 incident. As such, Valero is required to submit a 72-hour report to the City. The 72-hour report was received and is posted to the Incidents page of the City of Benicia Public Information Bank.

The investigation of the incident continues. Valero Refinery is required to submit a 30-Day Investigation Report with root cause analysis. The 30-Day report will be posted publicly when available. In addition, Solano County Environmental Health will work in conjunction with the City of Benicia to perform a full incident investigation report that will also be released publicly.