Arsenal Historic District

The Benicia Arsenal was established in 1849 on 345 acres of land east of the City and adjacent to the Carquinez Strait. The area was developed over a century of active military use with a variety of facility types including administrative and office buildings, storehouses, shops and residential quarters, as well as a hospital and port. In addition to the frame, brick, and stone structures built in the area between 1854 and 1911, many newer buildings were constructed during World War II. The Arsenal was deactivated in 1964 and the Defense Department transferred ownership to the City of Benicia in 1965.  Today, the City retains ownership of several of the most historically significant structures, including the Commanding Officer's Quarters, the Clocktower building, the "Camel Barns", and one of the original powder magazines. The Arsenal is now characterized by older historic buildings, as well as studios, small professional offices, commercial and light industrial activities. 

Map of Arsenal Historic District