Bay Conservation Development Commission Permit Amendments

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Amendment 1Authorized an additional 60,000 cubic yards (cy) of dredging
Authorized the construction of breakwater, a scour protection mat, and the relocation of a 60” storm drain outfall
Amendment 2 (08/81)Construct piles and floats (for no more than 300 boats), a fishing pier, public access boardwalks, 6 public restrooms
Pave parking spaces and access roads
Landscape “park like area” (to eventually be named Marina Green)
Construct/landscape a park area @ west end of marina spit
Amendment 3 (07/82)Increase public access along shoreline
Amendment 4 (07/82)Dredge 40,000 cy + 10,000 cy/year for next 6 years.
Amendment 5 (07/82)Install sheet piles or other material to stabilize the north and west banks
Amendment 6 (04/84)Construct piles and floats to increase berth number
Amendment 7Authorized a time extension for dredging
Amendment 8 (07/89)Public access improvements/landscaping long marina spit
Amendment 9 (06/90)Dredge 60,000 cy
Limits dredging to one-year under policies changed
Amendment 10 (03/92)Authorized a 30-day dredging extension for Amendment 9
Amendment 11Authorized a time extension for dredging
Amendment 12Authorized dredging for a 30-month period commencing no later than May 1, 1993
Amendment 13First St. waterfront improvements – public access
“Construct a set of steps, covering approximately 375 square feet of riprapped shoreline, for public access from the First St. Promenade to the Bay”
“Construct and use the First St. Promenade for public access including regarding and repaving First St, construction a 22’-wide, split-level sidewalk and seatwall, installing street trees, irrigation, and historic street lights, and replacing an approximately 300’-long concrete seawall with a steel, sheet pile seawall and ornamental guardrail”
Amendment 1410% of Marina authorized as live-aboard for security
Requires certain facilities (restrooms/showers) be available for live-aboards
Amendment 15 (06/93)Authorized a 6-month extension for dredging commencement (from Amendment 12)
Amendment 16City requested authorization for trial ferry service; the request was withdrawn and Amdt 16 was never issued.
Amendment 17 (04/94)Reconfigure docks to decrease the berth number
Extend the visitor dock and improve public access
Amendment 18 (04/96)Authorizes an additional 10,000 cy to be dredged (from Amendment 12)
Granted 10-yr extension for full development of harbor at Benicia Point
Amendment 19 (03/97)Authorized the paving of less parking spaces (from Amendment 2)
Construct and landscape Marina Green and East Park
Authorized changes to Ph.II townhome configuration
Amendment 20 (10/97)Dredge 40,000 cy, 60,000 additional if RWQCB authorizes
Amendment 21Granted time extension for dredging (for Amdt. 20)
Amendment 22 (03/99)Rehabilitate and restore Southern Pacific Depot
Authorized time extension for dredging (for Amdt. 20)
Amendment 23Extended the date for the commencement of maintenance dredging. (for Amdt. 20)
Amendment 24 (03/01)Repair and replace trail from west end of marina spit to East 5th St. in conformance with “Benicia Bay Trail Access, Benicia Marina” plans
Authorized additional dredging (for Amdt. 20)
Amendment 25 (08/01)Authorized additional dredging (for Amdt. 20)
Install storm drain outfall pipe
Install pipe, manhole and pump for temporary storm drain outfall diversion
Amendment 27 (04/02)Authorized dredging 14,000 cy
(Issued while Amdt. 26 was pending)
Amendment 26 (07/03)Dredge 60,000 cy/year for 5 years
(issued after Amendment 27)
Amendment 28 (11/02)Excavate material from drainage ditch running through tidal marsh
Place and maintain gravel parking lot @ East B.
Amendment 29 (12/04)Install shoreline riprap at SW tip of First Peninsula
Authorized various improvements @ First St. Peninsula
Amendment 31 (12/05)The Seasonal Limitations were altered and a work window from June 1st – November 30th was established to minimize disturbance to certain fish species. 1,500 cy of dredging was authorized within the marina only. (authorized before Amdt. 30 was issued)
Amendment 30 (02/06)Excavate material and replace storm drain outfall structure
Construct public access overlook over outfall structure
Amendment 32 (11/08)Authorizes the reconfiguration of 2 docks, reducing the number of berths
Amendment 33 (10/09)Authorizes time extension for knockdown dredging
Amendment 34 (10/09)Authorizes maintenance dredging of up to 450,000 cy and knockdown episodes of 1,000 cy/year through November 30, 2019