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Benicia State Recreation Area (shorter path)

  • This path is located in the Benicia State Recreation Area. Parking in the lots in the State Park requires the payment of a fee.
  • This paved path can be accessed at West K Street, near Military West. The access point for the opposite end of the path, as drawn, is at the entrance to the Benicia State Recreation Area, located off of the on ramp to East Bound 780 [nearest intersection - Rose Drive and Benicia Road].
  • The path continues on into the Recreation Area, however the portion of the path drawn here is a portion that is closed to vehicle access.
  • Approximate mileage, one way - 0.9 miles. 
    • Two additional nature trails are accessible off the paved path (dogs not permitted on nature trails) and are as noted in yellow on the map.  The bottom trail is 0.4 miles in length; the top trail is 0.5 miles in length. 
  • There is a portable restroom in the parking lot near West K. Other restrooms/water are located in the State Recreation Area past the pay booth at the entrance.
  • Pets are permitted on the paved path only, but must be on leash at all times.  Please pick up after your pet.