Use of Force Policy Review

The Benicia Police Department’s vision is “To be the greatest police agency in the world; an agency of limitless opportunity firmly rooted in deep connections with the community.”

This might seem lofty to some, but we, as the members of this department, take this to heart. To achieve this vision, it takes constant hard work, time and resources. Part of this work is to continuously look inward and to listen and learn to gain our community’s trust. Trust begins with transparency.

As required by law, our policy is posted on our website. 

We all have taken an oath to protect this community equally, and we will always do so with compassion and humanity. We want to work with you. We are listening.

Use of Force Data (2017-present)

 As a Department, we expect our officers to treat everyone with dignity and to put the public’s safety first. All our officers are trained in de-escalation techniques and will only resort to use of force when it is reasonably necessary.

Click on the PDF below for the statistics of our officers’ use of force since 2017. To give context to the numbers, we also include the total calls for service (self-initiated by the officers and through dispatchers) for each year. This is a living document and we will update as necessary.


* Data does not include "weapons drawn."