Automated License Plate Reader

In May 2021, the Benicia City Council approved the purchase and installation of 45 Automated License Plate Readers (ALPRs) within the city limits. Additionally, six more ALPRs were approved by the Council in 2023. ALPR software is a technology that uses cameras to automatically read license plate characters and other identifying characteristics of a vehicle (the vehicle make, model, color and unique identifiers). The cameras capture license numbers and transmits plate data to a database, which can run a check for stolen vehicles, Amber Alerts, Silver Alerts, missing persons and wanted people. 

The Department's ALPR policy can be found here, and more information available to the public on how the Department is leveraging this technology to enhance the community can be found at the Transparency Portal.

The Department is committed to keeping Benicia a great and safe city for everyone by capitalizing on evolving technology and always striving to be more effective in its ability to protect the community.