Open Government Information

City of Benicia

It is the goal of the Open Government Commission to make it easier for people to access city government so that they may be more informed about what their city is doing. The information provided is to help increase the public awareness and knowledge about their government.

1. Good Government

1.1 Conflict of Interest Statements

1.1.4  Councilmember Schwartzman        
1.1.7  City Manager

1.2   Approved document retention policy
1.3   Investment policy
1.4   Employee gift acceptance policy
1.5   City Manager’s Message on Transparency & City Employee Compensation

2. Finance

2.1   2013-2015 Budget
2.2   Council resolution adopting current budget
2.3   General Fund overview
2.4   All Funds Summary
2.5   Five Year - Long Range Budget Model June 2009
2.6   Most recent audited financial statements and auditor’s letter
2.7   Investment Policy

3. Executive Management and Compensation

3.1   City manager employment agreement
3.2   City attorney employment agreement & 2011 Amendment
3.3   Council resolution approving compensation reduction package for city manager, city attorney & city council

4. Human Resources

4.1    Labor agreements & side letters
4.2    Personnel rules
4.3    Benefits summary sheets
4.4    Whistleblower policy
4.5    Salary ranges per position
4.6    Gross wages for all city employees

5.  Open Government Documents

5.1   Title 4 of the Benicia Municipal Code  (Open Government Ordinance)
5.2   2018 Brown Act
5.3   Participating in City Council Meetings
5.4   City Council Rules of Procedure
5.5   Open Government Tips
5.6   Code of Conduct
5.7   Whistleblower policy
5.8   Recognizing Conflict of Interest
5.85 Limitations and Restrictions on Gifts, Honoria, Travel and Loans
5.9   Resolution 14-116, Amending the City's Conflict of Interest Code