Cannabis Permitting Process


Before applying for any permits or licenses, all cannabis businesses must first apply for and attend a Pre-Application meeting.


Following the pre-application meeting, all cannabis businesses must obtain a Public Safety License and Use Permit, in addition to state licenses, before commencing operations.  Cannabis applicants are encouraged to apply for a Public Safety License before proceeding with a Use Permit application in order to address security requirements; however, applications may be submitted concurrently. The Cannabis Public Safety License and Use Permit are subject to annual review. Application information can be obtained from the link below:


The below application fees are applicable to cannabis businesses.  In addition, businesses may also be subject to other City fees such as building permits, impact fees, and business licenses. 




 Pre-Application Meeting


 Public Safety License Application


 Use Permit Application

(Staff Level)*


Use Permit Application*

(Commission/Council Level)

<=7,500 ft2


Use Permit Application*

(Commission/Council Level)

>=7,501 ft2

 * Use Permit Application fees vary according to the level of review required.