Cannabis Program


The City of Benicia allows cannabis manufacturing, distribution, cultivation, testing, microbusiness, delivery-only and retail businesses subject to certain requirements, including issuance of a Public Safety License by the Chief of Police and a Use Permit by the Planning Commission.  Individuals or business interested in learning more about cannabis permitting in Benicia are encouraged to contact the Planning Division at (707) 746-4320 or

Cannabis Industry uses (manufacturing, distribution, cultivation, delivery-only and microbusiness) may be allowed in the Industrial Districts (Limited Industrial, General Industrial, Industrial Park, Water Related Industrial).  Cannabis Testing may be allowed in the Industrial Districts as well as the Office Commercial (CO) District.  These uses shall all be located at least six hundred feet (600’) from an established school. 

Cannabis Retail use is limited to the Community Commercial, General Commercial and Waterfront Commercial Districts, subject to a limitation of one (1) retail business and location restrictions provided in the Benicia Municipal Code.  The City of Benicia has issued a use permit for a cannabis retail business and is not accepting any further retail proposals at this time. 

Personal Cultivation is permitted in private residential areas citywide, subject to express approval from the property owner and additional limitations on the number of plants, visibility and enclosure, odors and chemical usage. 

A pre-application meeting is required before a business may apply for any Public Safety License or Use Permit for a cannabis operation. 

To help facilitate applicant success, the City has prepared an overview of the cannabis process and tips for success.