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On November 4, 2014, Benicia voters passed "Measure C": a one-cent sales tax that went into effect on April 1, 2015. Measure C, also known as "Benicia’s Quality of Life Measure," creates funding that allows the City of Benicia to continue offering essential community services and address public safety, parks and infrastructure needs.

Benicia is a full-service city, equipped with its own City-run Police, Fire, park and water services. Without the revenue that Measure C provides, the City would likely have to cut back on locally controlled services that help maintain our community’s quality of life.

We encourage the community to look through the information on this page to "see your success" and "measure your accomplishments" that have been made possible by revenue from Measure C. Thank you Benicia voters for approving Measure C!

7th Anniversary of Measure C

April 2022 marks the seventh anniversary of Measure C. Since April 1, 2015, Measure C has generated $45,441,007, which the City of Benicia has invested right back into the community. You can view the list of staff reports and information below for more information.

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Creation of Measure C

In 2014, reduced state and federal funding and a changed economic landscape forced the City of Benicia to explore ways to continue to provide vital services. To provide a locally controlled source of funding to maintain these vital services the Benicia City Council on July 22, 2015 unanimously placed Measure C on the November 2014 ballot. Finally, the voters of Benicia are to credit for bringing Measure C to life with a 63% YES vote in support of Benicia's Quality of Life for years to come.

Difference Between Measure C and Measure R

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Staff Reports and Information