Little Medical School Camps

SUMMER 2024 
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Little Medical School inspires young minds by sharing our passion for learning, health and careers in medicine. Through hands-on activities, role-play, and interactive demonstrations, children explore the exciting world of healthcare. All programs are written by experienced educators, board-certified physicians and trained healthcare professionals. Our classes are led by trained Little Medical School instructors. 

Veterinarian Camp: Ages 5-10 years 

In this course, students will learn the key responsibilities of a veterinarian and how to care for a dog and a cat. They will learn how to perform a nose-to-tail examination and understand proper health and nutrition for animals. Students will also learn to remove ticks and more.

Calling All Doctors - Little Doctor Camp:  Ages 6-10 years 

Explore your possibilities...find your passion. This camp is a comprehensive overview of our popular courses: Little Doctor, Sports Medicine, Pediatrician, and Dental. Campers will explore various careers within these healthcare fields, importance of proper nutrition, common injuries and ailments and the importance of good health.

Sports and Wilderness Camp: Ages 5 -10 years 

Join Little Medical School and discover the exciting world of Sports and Wilderness Medicine! Explore Stem concepts and gain valuable outdoor skills through interactive role playing, crafts, and games. Assessment of sports injures and about common problems from playing sports such as sprains, athlete’s foot and weather exposure   emergencies, snake bites, and more! Each participant will receive a variety of projects.


                       SPORTS & WILDERNESS CAMP