Fire Plan Review


The Fire Prevention Division provides technical consulting to Contractors and Design Professionals to meet their plan review and construction needs for new projects for compliance with code requirements and scope of work following fire and building permits. All construction plans to be reviewed must be submitted to https://beniciaca.viewpointcloud.comAll construction work requiring a construction permit must be inspected and remain accessible and exposed for inspection until the inspector approves. A set of approved and signed plans (stamped "REVIEWED FOR CODE COMPLIANCE") are required to be on-site for each inspection throughout the construction/modification phase.

It is the property owner's responsibility to make sure that all required inspections are made on a project, including both in-progress inspections and the final inspection. The contractor, however, may schedule the inspections and be the one on-site contact for each one.

Plan Review Submittals:

Fire construction permits are required to install, repair, or modify any automatic fire-extinguishing system, fire alarm, detection systems, related equipment, fire pumps, etc. Please reference the latest edition of the California Fire Code for a complete list of all required construction permit types.

Standard Fire Department Review Period:

The typical Plan review turnaround time is up to 10 working days.

Approval Notification:

Once the plans are submitted and the review payment is made, you will receive an email within 10 City of Benicia working days indicating approval with reviewed documents attached. It will be your responsibility to print out a copy of the stamped review plans for your client and the job site. An on-site inspection will not be completed without these items present.

Construction Inspections:

To schedule construction inspections, please contact the Fire & Life Safety Division no later than 48-hours in advance at (707) 746-4275. Fire Station 11 is closed every other Friday. During these closure days, there will be no fire inspections. Please plan accordingly to schedule an inspection. 

A Fire Permit must be obtained for:

  • Automatic fire-extinguishing systems
  • High-piled combustible storage
  • Energy storage systems

  • Industrial ovens
  • Compressed gases

  • LP-gas
  • Cryogenic fluids

  • Motor vehicle repair rooms and booths
  • Emergency responder radio coverage system

  • Plant extraction systems
  • Fire alarm and detection systems and related equipment

  • Private fire hydrants
  • Fire pumps and related equipment

  • Smoke control or smoke exhaust systems

  • Flammable and combustible liquids

  • Solar photovoltaic power systems
  • Fuel cell power systems

  • Special event structure
  • Gas detection systems

  • Spraying or dipping
  • Gates and barricades across fire apparatus access roads

  • Standpipe systems

  • Hazardous materials

  • Temporary membrane structures and tents