Standards and Policies

The Benicia Fire Department enforces a variety of fire and life safety codes. The State of California adopts building standards, as well as health and safety regulations for all local jurisdictions. The Benicia Fire Department sets specific local policies and standards pursuant to Chapter 1, Section 101 of the California Fire Code as adopted by Ordinance 09-73. You may find more information about fire and life safety policies and standards in Benicia by clicking on the following links:

SEC-A General construction & building requirements
A-101 Fire protection water supply & access roads during the construction of projects & sub-divisions
A-102 Building tenant improvement requirements
A-103 Required Key Box Installations
SEC-B Sprinkler & water systems
B-201 Installation of fire service mains & sprinkler underground supply lines
B-202 Inspection & tests of fire service mains & sprinkler underground supply line installation
B-203 Plan review & installation of the overhead portion of automatic fire sprinkler systems
B-204 Water Supply & Hydrants
B-206 Sprinkler system design for "spec"..buildings warehouses
SEC-C Flammable & combustible liquids
C-301 Aboveground storage of flammable & combustible liquids in containers & portable tanks outside buildings
SEC-D Fire alarm system
D-401 Installation and/or modification to fire alarm systems
SEC-E Buildings Design Information
E-501 Building identification standards
SEC-F Access ways & fire lanes
F-601 Fire Department Access
F-602 Fire lane identification
SEC-F Miscellaneous standards
G-701 Maintenance standards for vegetation management
G-702 Pallet Storage
G-703 Storage, recycling, shredding and disposal of rubber tires
      G-704 Large Family Day Care Fire and Life Safety Information
      G-705 Residential Care Facilities with six or fewer non-ambulatory or bedridden clients - Fire and Life Safety Information
      G-706 Solar Photovoltaic Fire Safety Requirements for 1 & 2 Family Dwellings
Policy C Outside Exhibition-food booth operations
Policy D Fire alarm submittal for contractors
Application Alternative Materials and Methods Request