Stormwater Control Plan Applicant Guidance

Stormwater Control Plans and Low Impact Development

Stormwater Control Plan (SCP) Requirements are listed below in a helpful guide to assist developers and their engineers in drafting an acceptable Stormwater Control Plan for review by our Engineering Division. It is critical to the success and approval that this requirement is addressed early in the development review process. 

What type of projects require a Stormwater Control Plan?

  • Single-Family Homes - Projects that create or replace 2,500 square feet (SF) or more of impervious surface
  • Small Projects - Projects that create or replace between 2,500 and 5,000 SF of impervious surface
  • Regulated Projects - Projects, other than single-family homes, that create or replace 5,000 SF or more of impervious surface
  • Roads and Linear Utility Projects - Projects that create 5,000 SF or more of newly constructed, contiguous impervious surface


Low Impact Development (LID) design strategies include:

  • Preservation of natural drainage features
  • Setbacks from creeks, wetlands, and riparian habitats
  • Use pervious pavements where possible
  • Direct drainage to landscape areas