Water Treatment

The Water Operations Division provides for the negotiation and management of the City’s water supply contracts, the negotiation and management of the agreement for untreated water supply to Valero Refining Company, and for the operation, maintenance, repair, and capital improvements of the Water Treatment Plant and transmission, distribution, and storage systems.

The City’s water supply contracts include the State Water Project, a 1962 agreement with the City of Vallejo, a water exchange and banking arrangement with the Mojave Water Agency, and a settlement agreement with the State as a result of an application for area of origin water rights.

The treatment plant operates under regulatory oversight of the California Department of Health Services and has a treatment capacity of 12 million gallons per day. The transmission system consists of two pump stations and approximately 18 miles of pipeline. The distribution system consists of 3 pump stations, 8 pressure-reducing stations, and approximately 150 miles of pipelines. The storage system consists of 5 treated water reservoirs and Lake Herman with a capacity of 1,800 acre feet.