Swim Level Descriptions & FAQ's


Swim Skill Levels Descriptions 

  • LEVEL I (Turtles), Water Exploration: For first timers and children still uncomfortable in water. Must be at least three years old. Will learn to submerge face; float on front; float on back; supported kicking; beginning arms; basic water safety.
  • LEVEL II (Frogs), Primary Skills: Must have Level I certificate/demonstrate requirements. Will learn rhythmic breathing; full submersion; unsupported front and back glides; kicking; beginning combined strokes; orientation to deep water; continued personal skills.
  • LEVEL III (Minnows), Stroke Readiness: Must have Level II certificate/demonstrate requirements. Will learn retrieval of underwater objects; beginning diving from side of pool; coordination of breathing with arm stroke; back crawl; elementary backstroke kick.
  • LEVEL IV (Sharks), Stroke Development: Must have Level III certificate/demonstrate requirements. Will learn standing front dive; elementary backstroke; breaststroke kick; scissor kick; endurance; turns; treading water; CPR/Rescue breathing technique awareness.
  • LEVEL V (Seals), Stroke Refinement: Must have Level IV certificate/demonstrate requirements. Will learn standing dive from board; breaststroke; sidestroke; underwater swimming; dolphin kick; endurance; open turns and awareness of spinal injury management.
  • LEVEL VI (Octopuses), Intermediate Skills: Must have Level V certificate/demonstrate requirements. Will learn approach and hurdle on diving board; jump tuck from board; butter y; approach stroke; flip turn for front crawl; surface dives. Parent Tot: Suggested age 6 months & up. Water adjustment for parent & child.
  • ADAP [adapted]: For students with physical or intellectual disabilities that would like individualized instruction. All lessons are inclusive, however we have adapted lessons for individuals with varying abilities that provide specialized instruction. 
  • P/T [Parent/Tot]: Suggested age 6 months and up. Water adjustment for parent & child. Fun is emphasized through games and songs so children learn to enjoy the water.



  • If your child does not pass to the next level right away, don’t be discouraged! It is not uncommon for a child to remain in the same class for multiple sessions before graduating to the next level.
  • If you do not hear from a member of the aquatics staff via phone you can assume you received your first choice for lessons.
  • Please do not call to confirm lesson registration.
  • Registration deadline for all aquatics programs is one week prior to the first class meeting.
  • Swim lesson registration received after the deadline will not be accepted or processed until after the first day of the session, and then, only if there are still openings available for the session.
  • Please read the course description carefully. It is important to register you child for the proper class. Take the time to read the prerequisites. Placing your child in the correct class is crucial for his or her development. We always test on the first day for all levels. If your child is not in the correct level, we will try and move your child to the appropriate level depending on availability.
  • Please know that it may take your child more than one class session to graduate to the next level.
  • Some classes fill up quickly; if the classes are full please ask to be placed on the wait list. You will be contacted if space becomes available.


Is the pool heated? 
The pools are maintained between 78° – 82° F

How do I know which class to register my child for? 
Read the class descriptions in the order listed. Register your child for the first class that describes skills that your child has not yet mastered.

Will classes be held in the rain? 
Generally, classes will be held during inclement weather. However, the pool will be closed and classes cancelled if there is lightning.

What happens if my child passed the level but I already registered him for the same level next session? 
The Assistant Coordinators record and make changes to your child’s records so that we can keep track of students’ progress. If the instructor passes your child, we will automatically transfer your child to the correct level.

Is it possible to make up a class that my child missed? 
Sorry, we are not able to accommodate class make-ups. 

Can I request a specific teacher? 
You can make a request for a specific instructor but please take note that our swim instructors rotate among different class levels and times. Due to the large number of classes we offer, there isn’t a guarantee we can meet your request, but we will try our best.