Vegetation Management

We recognize the community is concerned with the wildfires across California. Establishing a defensible space by managing vegetation reduces your home's fire risk. In 2024, the Benicia Fire Department is utilizing two primary methods for vegetation management in the City's Open Spaces: livestock and discing. Click on the maps below to see if you will have livestock or a discing tractor behind your home.

2024 Locations for Goats (grazed fire break)

2024 Locations for Discing (tilled fire break)

2023 Vegetative Fuels Management Plan

2023 Vegetative Fuels Management Plan - Presentation

2023 Vegetative Fuels Management Plan - Open Space Mapbook

2023 Vegetative Fuels Management Plan Story Map

Vegetation Management FAQ

Standard G-701 - Maintenance Standard for Vegetation Management

Homeowner Checklist - How to Make Your Home Fire Safe (CalFire)

Defensible Space - Why 100'

CalTrans Customer Service Requests (report weeds and overgrown vegetation along freeways and on and off ramps)

Benicia Open Space Cleanup - Waiver of Liability (Complete form to do additional cleanup in open space areas adjacent to your property)


General  Information

Vegetation Management is used to control plant material to prevent the spread of wildfire by changing the characteristics of the vegetation surrounding homes and other structures. The focus of vegetation management is not to remove all vegetation within this area, but rather to create both horizontal and vertical separation between the various vegetation in the area and adjacent structures.  The separation serves to slow the spread of a wildfire, thereby improving fire containment efforts.  The efforts to carry out this task are not a one-time event. The City of Benicia utilizes multiple approaches in its Vegetation Management Program, including goats, flail mowing, hand work, disking, and spraying.