City Treasurer

The City of Benicia City Treasurer is an elected office within this general law city. It is a four (4) year term with no term limit.

The responsibility of the City Treasurer is to assure the proper handling and recording of all municipal funds and overseeing the investment of these funds. The legal requirements of the City Treasurer are set forth in the California Government Code: Sections 41001 through 41007, which outline the primary statutory duties of City Treasurers in general law cities. These duties were transferred to the City of Benicia Finance Director by the City Council in 1976.

Current responsibilities of the City Treasurer include signing warrants and serving on the Finance Committee which reviews the City's monthly warrant registers to ensure that they are correct as submitted; review of the City's Investment Quarterly Reports to ensure that the Investment Policy of the City of Benicia remains consistent with the City's Investment Policy objectives, current law and economic trends. The Investment Policy is reviewed annually by the Finance, Audit & Budget Committee and Finance Director. Any revisions to this Investment Policy must be approved by the City Council.