Safety Element Update 

The Safety Element is one of seven required elements of the General Plan and specifically addresses natural hazards and environmental risks to the community. Benicia’s Safety Element is included in the Community Health and Safety Chapter (Chapter 4) of the General Plan. In accordance with California Government Code Section 65302(g) (GC 65302) the Safety Element was updated concurrently with the 6th Cycle Housing Element on January 24, 2023.  The Safety Element addresses natural hazards including fire, seismic, and flood risk, as well as climate change resilience and adaptation and response to disasters.  The Safety Element Update included a full replacement of General Plan Chapter 4, as well as the adoption of new appendices to the General Plan: The Safety Element Background Report (Appendix H) and Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment (Appendix I).


Adopted Safety Element Update (January 24, 2023)

Safety Element Background Report (Appendix H)

Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment (Appendix I)


Reference Documents

Emergency Operations Plan (2019)

Benicia Climate Action Plan (2007)