Automated Residential Solar Permitting

SolarAPP+ Benefits:

  • Obtain a permit without needing a full plan diagram
  • Lower your costs, including three free revisions 
  • Save time with instantaneous permit issuance once permit application is completed

As a result, SolarAPP+ lowers costs and expedites solar installations, encouraging property owners to invest in generating renewable and sustainable energy. To see which systems are eligible, please refer to the Eligibility Checklist. Only projects that conform to this list are eligible to use the automated SolarAPP+ portal for instant permitting. All other solar/PV installations require a regular Building Permit. 

Who is eligible to apply:

  • Licensed contractors and installers
  • Non-licensed contractors and owner-builders must apply for a "Building Permit - Renewable Energy Permit" with plan check. Any main service or sub panels will require C-10 licensed installers to apply for an additional "Express Permit Electrical" or "Electrical Permit" only permit. For the building permit application, include one of the following in addition to required documents:

           1. Review Solar APP+ eligibility list and highlight items that make you ineligible; OR

           2. Screenshot of rejection message after applying online.

Application Process:














*Field solar representative shall verify the inspection checklist prior to inspection.

Any discrepancies may lead to delays in processing and/or inspection correction notice written.

   How to Revise an Issued Permit:     

  1. Log in through SolarApp+ website and go to "Projects".
  2.  Use the options in "Approval ID" and select   "Edit". Upload revised documents and follow the prompts.
3. Once approved, an updated approval ID typically ending with a new letter -B, -C, etc. will be issued.
4. Go to your existing permit in the City of Benicia's online permit center and upload new approved revised drawings.

5. Notify the Building Division of the revision via email at . Please include the new approval number and state that a revision is needed.

Any additional information needed will be requested in the permit center. Failure to submit a revision will lead to delays in processing and/or inspection correction notice written.

For questions regarding Solar APP+ registration, how to be verified, or to set up a project, contact the help desk at .
For questions regarding the City of Benicia's application process after SolarAPP+ registration, contact .