City of Benicia Water Reuse Project


The City studied the use of recycled water to offset potable water use multiple times since 2003.  The projects developed to date have not been implemented due to cost and lack of adequate demand for recycled water.  As of 2023, City staff is no longer pursuing a water reuse project.  For more information on this decision, view the March 7, 2023 City Council meeting, Business Item 15.A Study Session Discussion of City Water Resources and Water Reuse.



The current drought has raised everyone’s awareness of the need to conserve water and to find new water resources. While we are all hopeful that the predicted El Nino will help alleviate our water woes, the fact remains that we live in an arid state with a history of prolonged periods of drought. This drought is our wake-up call. Now is the time to prepare for our future water needs, especially in times of water shortages.

Project Needs

During drought years, the City of Benicia’s water supply cannot reliably meet the demands of its customers... [Read More]

Project Benefits

The Water Reuse Project would allow the City to produce about 2,000 acre feet per year (AFY), or 650 million gallons, of recycled water at the Benicia Wastewater Treatment Plant...[Read More]

Project Background

The City of Benicia provides water service for residential, commercial, light industrial and industrial customers within its service area. The Valero Benicia Refinery (Refinery) is located within the City’s service area and City provides the Refinery with untreated raw water for various industrial processes, including cooling tower make-up water and boiler feed water...[Read More]

Project Description

The City of Benicia provides water service for residential, commercial, light industrial and industrial customers within its service area...[Read More]

Project Status and Next Steps

At this time, a feasibility study is being conducted by the engineering firm Brown and Caldwell. The study will determine the technical and economic feasibility as well as fulfill permitting requirements of the proposed project. The City expects to complete the necessary steps and produce a final report by
December 2016; the report will be part of an application for state funding for the project...[Read More]

Recycled Water Quality

Prior to delivering recycled water for non-potable uses, the wastewater treatment facility will upgrade their system to produce recycled water that meets California Division of Drinking Water’s Title 22 requirements for unrestricted reuse and that protects the Refinery’s assets...[Read More]

Other Communities

More and more communities throughout the United States and the world are turning to the use of recycled water for non-potable (non-drinking) purposes. It is a water resource that is growing in popularity as it gains recognition as a sustainable way to preserve precious, and scarce, drinking water...[Read More]