Winter Storm Preparedness

There is no way to predict this winter's storm pattern but by following some easy steps you can help assure that you, your family and your community can "weather the storm."

 The information below will allow you and your family to start preparations on how you will survive and live before, during and after a flood. This is not a complete list of resources but it'll get you started!

Sand Bags
In the event of projected flooding sandbags are available at the Benicia Corporation Yard, 2400 East 2nd Street and the East E Street parking lot (across the street from the Benicia Yacht Club). Some assistance may be available but residents should bring shovels and plan to fill and load the bags themselves. 

To view a how-to guide for safely filling & placing sand bags to protect your property and map, click here.

Storm Drains
Keep your streets and gutters free of leaves and debris that may clog storm drains. Street sweeping equipment is not designed to pick up large quantities of leaves particularly when they are wet. The sweeper drivers will often make several passes of those streets with heavy leaf drop in an attempt to collect as much as possible but they will not be able to clear all the streets. If you have too many leaves to fit in your yard waste toter, you can order additional toters from Republic Services.

If you find that water is pooling around the storm drain on your street and beginning to flood the area, IF IT IS SAFE consider taking a rake and removing the leaves and debris from around the drain to allow free water flow. Public Works Maintenance crews are very willing to respond calls for assistance but during heavy rains they may not be able to get to each storm drain as quickly as desired. Please contact (707) 746-4296 during business hours for assistance or 745-3412 after 4:30 pm.

Weather & Road Conditions
CalTrans provides information on current road conditions. The California Highway Patrol provides information on current traffic incidents (use the drop down menu to select Golden Gate or Sacramento). Current weather conditions for the Benicia area can also be found at or

Emergency Alerts and Information
Subscribe to for up-to-date alerts from the City of Benicia emergency services in an emergency situation.

The City Website will be updated with emergency information in the event of a disaster. Information may be found on the homepage or under "Announcements"

The local government TV channel (Comcast channel 27, U-verse channel 99) may also carry alerts.

Follow the City of Benicia on Facebook or join for updates in an emergency.

Flood Zone Information
Flood Zone mapping for Benicia is prepared by the Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA). The City of Benicia can assist you in determining in which flood zone your property is located. Please contact the Community Development Department at (707) 746-4280 or stop by the Community Development Department on the lower floor at City Hall.

Flood Insurance
Your homeowner's or renter's insurance may not cover destruction caused by certain kinds of disaster, including floods and earthquakes. Now is the best time to check with your insurance agency to review your coverage. All Benicia residents have the opportunity to insure their property against future flood damage; please visit or contact your insurance agent for more information.

After a Storm or Flood
If you are not directly affected by flooding or other disaster, STAY OUT of and avoid flooded areas. Both your health & safety and the health & safety of area residents and emergency personnel can be affected by “looky-loos” and joy-riders.

Information on repairing your home after a flood has been provided by FEMA and the Red Cross. Visit

Additional Information regarding flood preparedness in Solano is available from Solano County.